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Impatiens Accent White 3.

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Planter Box Plants For Shade. You can then bring it back outside when the weather warms again making it quite versatile. Good vine-like or cascading succulents for shade include wax plant burrow tail mistletoe cactus string of pearls string of hearts and rosary vine Christmas cactus Easter cactus and night blooming cereus. To achieve luscious color in a deeply shaded window box give impatiens a try. Impatiens Accent Violet 3.

Fill in with things like wandering jew ivy euonymus heather or vinca which will cascade over the edge of the box. Instead of three different plants choose three different colors of the best plants for planter boxes in shade. Plants like caladiums and creeping Jenny will thrive in the shade and theyll also add great color and movement to your planters. Popular perennial choices for window box recipes include the many varieties of coral bells bleeding hearts helleborus and columbines.

If you dont want to grow tropical bulbs like these elephants ears grow your favorite houseplants in. Hortensis Most Colorful Filler Plant for Window Boxes. Fill them with all the foliage and tuck in some impatiens and fuchsias for a few blooms. Bleeding heart variegated ground ivy and impatiens at BHG.

It is a low maintenance annual that is one of the best shade loving container plants. Grow Colorful Foliage. Troughs with coleus elephant ears hosta and sedge. Shade loving plants with colorful foliage Beautiful coleus Rex Begonias Caladiums and Creeping charlie provide colorful foliage that makes flowers seem superfluous.

The most common variety in the United States Impatiens walleriana is easy to maintain grows well in containers and. Flowering plants like impatiens fuchsias or begonias such as Bonfire add color. Impatiens Accent Watermelon 3. 11 Great Shade Plants for Container Gardens Coleus Plectranthus scutellarioides Fuchsia Fuchsia spp Torenia Torenia fournieri Coral Bells Heuchera Species and Hybrids Begonias Begonia Groups and Hybrids Persian Shield Strobilanthes dyeranus Oxalis Oxalis spp Impatiens Impatiens.

Here red white and hot pink impatiens fill a window box and provide a more cheerful view than the wall of dogwood foliage. The begonia is a versatile flower both in appearance and in performance. Impatiens do well in shady locations. The best plants for shade gardens depend on what sort of garden you want to create and your local growing conditions.

Lobelia sweet potato vine creeping jenny and an orange tuberous begonia at Garden Therapy. A simple but stunning combo of caladiums wishbone flower creeping jenny at Southern Living. If youre looking for the best plants for the shade and great flowers that thrive in shade also reach for impatiens coleus sweet potato vines mazus vincas torenias violas petunias pansies hellebores Lenten roses hostas astilbes. One underutilized alternative to annual bedding impatiens is Torenia wishbone flower which blooms consistently over several months in colors of blue purple pink and yellow.

Begonia coleus lamium and creeping charlie at Flower Patch Farmhouse. Get hayracks to place under windows on shaded porches. Annual shade plants like pansies forget-me-not and phlox will add color to your shade borders. This collection of troughs and pots relies on foliage shapes sizes and contrast for impact.

More subtle choices include coleus heliotrope and salvia. Window Box Flowers for Shady Spots An Enduring Mix of Perennials and Annuals. There are no hard and fast rules to mixing and matching plants for shade containers. Begonias Thrive in Many Situations.

If you bring the coleus indoors before the first frost it grows as a houseplant. Petunias geraniums zinnias nasturtiums and begonias are good choices for main-theme flowers. The Luxury of Orchids.

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