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Choose the material for your raised bed.

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Making A Raised Garden Bed Design. This raised garden bed plan uses the square foot gardening technique. Pick the perfect spot. When making a raised bed instead of going in-ground you can place it where the sun or shade is. Full sun is an absolute must for growing vegetables.

Measure in 34 inches from each end of a 4-foot plank. Sheet Metal Raised Beds. Length isnt as important. See a step-by-step slideshow of one of our columnists creating a raised bed garden.

If your raised bed is being built against a wall or fence we recommend making it 2 to 3 feet wide since youll only be able to access the garden from one side. How to build a raised bed garden anyone can do thisThanks for the kind words and support SUPPORT ME AND TUCKAmazon affiliate link. You can buy both in bags at a garden center and you can typically save money by buying both in bulk at a local soil yard Once the bed is filled rake the soil smooth and moisten it with a gentle spray from the hose. So your raised bed can be 4 x 4 feet or 4 x 8 feet or 4 x 12 feet.

Tuck veggie beds away so they dont detract from the rest of your garden when out of season. Make your bed as long as you like or build multiple raised beds for different crops. Plan your raised garden vegetable garden layout with the raised beds exactly how you want them because it can be difficult to move later. Square Foot Raised.

12 of 14 Thomas J. Make it adaptable so that you can add more raised beds as you need them. The technique is a great way to build a small yet intensively planted garden. 15 Raised Bed Garden Design Ideas Built-In Raised Beds.

Fill the bed with a 5050 mixture of planting soil and compost. Trust me I know. Use a drill with a Phillips head bit to partially sink three screws into the broad side of each end of the plank spaced evenly from the long edges at approximately 3 6 and 9 inches. Level ground will make installation a breeze.

Carve out a square shape create square-foot squares line them up and start planting.

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