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For each box you will need 3 pieces cut at 6 and 2 pieces cut at 7.

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How To Make A Mini Planter Box. If youre a newbie like me these two f. Miniature Planter Box For Dollhouse. The Raised Planter Box is an incredibly fun DIY project that you can do yourself with some basic woodworking tools and some easy-to-find materials. Mini Concrete Planters Using Plastic Bottles.

Then I just attached my 7 pieces like this using Wood Glue and finish nails again. Mark and drill another pilot. This week I made some small concrete planters using old plastic containers as molds. You need drainage holes to keep water from building up at the bottom of your planter box.

I used Wood Glue to attach my 6 pieces first. Get Planter Box Plans Here. Line the boards up so that the boards with pilot holes are on the outside corners. If youre looking for a stylish weekend project to spruce up the garden look no further.

For the front of the house I used some Victorian style windows I purchased on Amazon however I felt they looked a little plain so I decided to make some planter boxes to sit underneath them. Drop your base boards into place and drill drainage holes at the bottom. I attached my 6 pieces like this using Wood Glue and 1 14 finish nails. Ive been in the process of building a 112 scale dollhouse.

Learn how to make a Raised Planter Box with these easy-to-follow plans. Drive each screw in through the. This was first time working with concrete but I do have some mold making and casting experience from school albeit rusty. Fit a drill with a driving bit that will fit the screw heads.

Mark and drill a pilot hole in the middle of the width of each end piece of the planter. Raised Planter Box Plans. Add your rocks right before you add your soil since theyll roll around if you move your planter. This video shows the process of building an elevated planter box.

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