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Lay your 1 in 4 in 25 cm 102 cm fence boards flat on your sawhorses.

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How To Build A Planter Box From Fence Boards. First cut your lumber to size. Then use a drill and galvanized screws to attach the ends of the planks so they form a long rectangular box. I ripped four legs at 2 12 and one of the 39 sides into two 2 12 wide boards and one of the 13 ends into two 2 12 wide boards. It does require a little woodworking skill but its a fun and inexpensive project.

I took the two remaining legs and ripped them to 3 wide to be used in the center. When painted it can add a lot of visual appeal to your yard. Use a measuring tape to measure. Next cut out a wooden board.

Size 18 34 cm height 14 cm 7 16 13 38 5 12 Environmentally friendly material is pine wood. I made sure to keep the two pieces of each leg together to make matching legs. Great addition to any farmhouse rustic cottage decor style. I didnt want the screws to show in the front of my planter box so I used pocket holes but this isnt a necessary step.

6ft no cut required 6 fence boards at 2ft length. Just like belairdirect simplifies your insurance we simplify life at the cottage by building planter boxes out of fence boards. This shelf-styled fence planter holds a small planter box on the top can support a little hanging basket and can hold a few smaller pots on its bottom shelf. Set up fence boards on your sawhorses and measure 6 pieces.

Instead of trying to measure how far off the side of the board I needed to go to match the vertical 2 x 3 boards I just cut 10 11 inch long 2 x3 sections and then used the 2 12 screws and made 4 L corner pieces the shorter side I screwed the short 3 foot length fence boards too once I had both my short sections screwed to the L corner sections I then stood one up and screwed 2 of the 6 length boards. 4 2x4 at 15in make sure your lumber is pressure treated Next pre-drill your holes. May 4 2021 - Wood Planter Box - Perfect for seasonal decor flowerpots flowers on the window.

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